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Nowadays, the issue of environmental sustainability is a deepconcern for all sectors and it cannot but be a main topic in the shearling’s world.

Christia believes that, today, the only choice for ethical fur is high-quality sheepskin.
The sheepskin used for Christia clothing line production comes from the waste of the meat industry. Raw leather is a recovery product that, once the food goal is reached, would be thrown away. For this reason, the skins come exclusively from this kind of farm.
Avoiding animal cruelty is extremely important for Christia. That is why Christia makes sure not to use skins obtained with that painful process called mulesing. Christia chooses only to collaborate with suppliers who, thanks to a specific breeding process, avoid such animal cruelty, to be able to ensure ethical fur production.
Christia relies only on certified producers who ensure good nourishment of the animals both in feeding and in breeding. As a matter of fact, animals are not abused or locked up in cages, as happens for the production of other products.
Sheepskin is 100% biodegradable and natural, unlike synthetic furs, often made with petroleum products. While high-quality sheepskin fur can last up to many years, synthetic furs have a shorter life and they should be disposed with other huge quantities of plastic.
For these reasons, Christia is proud to carry on the production of ethical fur, ensuring the end user the highest quality on the market.
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