Creators of the
The Original Luxury Shearling.


Handmade in Molvena.
Since 1968.

The origins of many fashion icons is uncertain. No one knows who invented the tuxedo, the miniskirt, or even lace-up shoes. Instead, the luxurious women’s shearling coat has very clear roots and a precise date and place of birth.

It was 1968 when Manlio Sorio created the very first "luxury shearling" in his studio, inspired by an icon of style, Monica Vitti.
The rest is history: over 50 years of history.
This is the story of Christia.


Creators of the first-ever dyed shearling coat.

In addition to conceiving the first women’s shearling coat, Christia was the first company worldwide to introduce the practice of dyeing to Shearling overcoats. Ever since then, Christia’s pathway in haute couture and in the art of dyeing has been dynamic and unstoppable.


The 2020 collection

A Journey into Color. A pathway made up by research and intuition, in the discovery of femininity. Shearling overcoats from the 2020 Christia Collection are exclusive and perfectly balanced at the same time, with a meticulous eye to each and every detail.


A Family, a Story, an Italian Dream.

From its start as a small sartorial workshop, to the most widely celebrated boutiques in the world, from innovative materials and colors to an internationally acclaimed brand. The tale of Christia spans across half a century, harmoniously blending the personal stories of the family with an inseparable entrepreneurial passion.

Group photo of the Christia family
Vintage photo of Christia
Manlio Sorio at Cannes 84

The Christia Collection 2020


Be sure to request your very own copy of the 2020 Christia Catalogue today, where you will have the opportunity to browse the new Collection and all the details regarding the vast selection of models on offer from the Christia Studio, which are exclusively reserved for authorized boutiques.